The Great Eight

Recently read The Great Eight – How To Be Happy (even when you have every reason to be miserable) by Scott Hamilton. In this autobiographical guide to enjoying life, Hamilton describes eight lessons that he has learned and applied throughout his life in figure skating and shares them as insights that any person can direct toward their own life.

I can remember watching Scott Hamilton on the ice – doing his jumps and flips. As I recall, he always looked like he was having a good time. I enjoy watching people do something that they enjoy, and Scott loved to skate.

In this book, Hamilton describes his childhood battles with sickness as well as his adult bouts with a brain tumor and cancer. He retells his ups and downs in the figure skating business as well as his road from and inexperienced clumsy child to a competitive amateur skater to a world champion pro to a successful business man and parent.

What I appreciate most about his honest look into Scott’s life is his dependence on God. He talks openly about his relationship with Jesus Christ as his Savior and the importance of that in everyone’s life.

It is a pretty easy read and includes some great lessons.

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