Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1

The Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1 contains thirteen stories from the Old and New Testament. It covers big events like the creation of the world, the flood of the earth, and Jesus’ birth. It also explores some lesser known stories of Isaac and Rebekah and  Jacob and Esau.

It is formated in short segments. Each segment is about 3 minutes and contains narration, animation, and a musical background.

When I first received this product, I was expecting it to be something that could be put on the television to keep the attention of a 1-5 year old for about 30 minutes as it told some stories of the Bible. As I began to preview it, i found that it would not suit for that purpose.

Instead this product seems better suited for a teaching/church setting – in which a Bible story is going to be taught and talked about and the 3 minute clip will act as an enhancement to the lesson.

Not the best animation, not the best musical underscore and not the best narration voice. This product was sub-par for what I expected but yet can still be useful for aiding the teaching of little ones.

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