The Noticer

Recently read The Noticer by Andy Andrews. The tag line reads: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective. That is exactly what this book includes. Basically it is a story about a lot of stories and how one man helps to change them all.

The main character is Jones. A mysterious, homeless, ageless man who always happens to be at the right place at the right time, knowing all the right information to draw someone into conversation and then help them find a new perspective on their situation.

The author, Andy, writes about his experiences with Jones and tells it in a manner as though it were true to life. Some of the situations it covers marriage, poverty, hopelessness, and integrity. The conversations go from a light ordinary talk to a deep and meaningful dissection of a persons problems and simple steps to make giant change and impact.

It was a relatively quick and easy read with a total of 156 pages and discussion questions at the end. I found myself reading through the book slower, because i was constantly trying to apply what was being discussed to the situations in my life. Certainly, the principles uncovered are applicable in many circumstances and would be beneficial to many people.

The difficult part of reading this book was the number of smaller stories and characters it introduced. At a point i didn’t want to get involved with one more person, because i was still thinking about the last.

With great truths that can apply to your life, i would recommend The Noticer to anyone.

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