The Heart Mender

The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances

Author: Andy Andrews

My Description: Andy scripts a fascinating historical story of adventure, pain, love, and discovery. The book is split into the present and the past. The past story talks about U-boats, Nazi Germany, a coastal American town, and the strain and rewards of relationships. Even though the story is from another era, and many things have changed today, the reader is still caught up in what is going on and curious as to what will take place next. It is very relatable and real to life. The present day story is about the author’s quest to uncover the details and truth about the past story he is telling and his backyard discovery.

My thoughts: The coolest part for me was the dynamic of the 2 main characters – the German man and the American woman – both suffering from relational pain, both needing their hearts mended, and being able to achieve that through helping others. Out of their anguish they found commonality and helped to heal each other.

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