The Right To Lead

The Right To Lead: Learning Leadership Through Character and Courage
Author: John Maxwell

My Description: One of my favorite quotes about leadership comes from Andy Stanley – “Leadership is a stewardship. It is temporary and you’re accountable.” This book by John Maxwell seems to run along the same lines. He gives his thoughts and teachings on having the right, the stewardship, to lead. Through anecdotes, stories, principles, and life lessons, Maxwell explains the basics of being a good and Godly leader.

My thoughts: What i like about Maxwell, is that he doesn’t just focus on leading others – management. He also talks about self-leadership which is just as or more important in many aspects. What i don’t like is the format of the book. I am not into smaller “gift” books. They just don’t seem to flow as i would like and seem to be too refined, shiny, and not gritty and raw. Instead of solid explanations, i feel like i have to settle for one-liners and quips. The plus side, is that it is short and quick read. But it is probably not a book you will reference again later on.

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