Beyond Opinion

Title: Beyond Opinion: Living The Faith We Defend

Author: Ravi Zacharias

My Description: Ravi is a superb apologetic speaker and author. This book follows his tradition of providing sound intellectual reasoning for defending the many questions surrounding the Christian faith. Not only do we hear from Ravi, but there are many other well known teachers who contribute to the book. They talk through all the major questions that are asked concerning the doubts of God and Christianity.

My thoughts: Apologetics is something that needs constant attention. There will always be those whom question my faith and i need to be able to respond in an appropriate way. Instead of jumping to defensive conclusions and relying on the “it just faith” card, i want to be well versed in the logical, intellectual, scientific, and historical reasons why Christianity holds up, why it makes sense, and why i believe you should follow. Above apologetics, i believe a personal encounter with God is the best defense of Christianity. However, i am a strong supporter and lifelong learner concerning the issues and questions surrounding Christianity and Jesus.

[I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson for this review as part of their BookSneeze program]

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