Atheist 2.0 | Who Needs God?

Notes from Andy Stanley’s talk “Atheist 2.0”, part 1 (of 6) from the Who Needs God? series.

Americans are migrating away from religion at an unprecedented rate; Christianity in particular. But not because atheism is more appealing. People are leaving because religion has lost its appeal. Once upon a time, Americans believed religion offered solutions. Today, religion is viewed by many as the problem.

“Nones” – those who identify as atheist, agnostic, or indifferent towards religion.

People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus.

When you step away from faith/God, often times people find themselves in a situation they didn’t want to be in.

You cannot move away from something without moving toward something else.

If you decide to reject Christianity and accept atheism or moving toward it, then you should know what you are accepting or moving toward.

Atheism is a complex belief system that logically leads to some unsettling conclusions.

  • Something can be unsettling and true at the same time.
  • Both Christianity and atheism have unsettling conclusions.

6 tenets of atheism:

  1. The illusion of mind
    • If there is no god, there is no you
    • In a world where everything is just biology, chemistry, and physics – we are just body and biology. There is no mind. There is no you.
  2. The illusion of free will
    • Everything is determined
  3. The illusion of value
    • There is no actual value, there is only ascribed value.
    • Just (justice) is just what we want it to be.
    • The thinking of: “You have your truth and I have my truth” does not work when it comes to justice. We always want to hold other people accountable to our view of justice.
  4. Some thing came from no thing.
  5. First life emerged from no life with no help.
  6. Natural selection is responsible for all life after first life.

Maybe your struggle with faith isn’t rooted in your belief in atheism.

If you don’t believe in God or are on the verge of giving up on God, it’s probably not because of a thoroughly researched rational conclusion. It’s probably more personal than that. Atheism hasn’t become more appealing. Your version of theism has lost its appeal or doesn’t seem real. Stick around in the weeks to come as we continue to explore the question, Who needs God?