You’re Running Too Fast

I went out for a run the other day.

Now don’t be fooled, this is not common for me. At least not yet. 🙂 I’ve run about 2 times in the last 9 months.

So I ran the other day. And it was HARD! It felt like my legs were filled with lead and I was dragging them along. I couldn’t catch my breath. I thought I was going to keel over and shrivel up into the earth.

And that was after only 3/4 of a mile. LOL

I told 2 people about my running experience this week (who have more experience running than I do), and they both immediately had the same response:

“You’re running too fast.”

Without me giving them any of my stats/times/distances/pace/weather conditions/clothing choices…they both told me the same thing.

“You’re running too fast.”


Turns out, I should not be running at a level where I feel completely out of breath and in pain. This short article by explains that.

Their advice? Slow down.

It’s actually healthier for me to run at a slower pace than for me to speed up, even though I trick my self into thinking that my fast pace is better.

Immediately, my brain translated that into pace of life and work.

You ever felt like you’re dragging along, can’t catch your breath, and want to just keel over and shrivel up on your couch?

Yeah, me too.

It’s probably because you’re running too fast.