We Have Fun and Celebrate

Culture is a large part of any organization’s DNA. Great leaders leverage their influence to identify, inform, and inspire contagious culture within their organization. Below is a description of one of our cultural values at Epic Church.

Church should be fun!

(I know that’s a shocker for some people…Isn’t church all about being bored, quiet, and guilty? Not for us!)

We look for and create opportunities to have fun together.

Fun creates memories – shared experiences. Laughing tears down walls and eases tension. Whenever we gather – we’re going to laugh. A lot.  🙂  Smiles are contagious. So we do that often. We high-five like nobody’s business. When it’s our birthday as a church, we put on hats and have noisemakers and go a little crazy! Why? – because we have fun and celebrate.

I’m not saying that we don’t work hard. We work hard; but we play hard too. #workhardplayhard

We don’t dread going to, being, or doing things associated with church.
We can’t wait to it!

You would think this would go without saying, that fun is important, but sometimes as leaders we can get so focused on climbing the next hill, solving the next problem, or taking on the next challenge that we miss opportunities to have fun and celebrate along the way.

Celebration is so important that it was mandated by God to the Israelites in the Old Testament. He told them to create certain days and weeks to just celebrate what God has done!

When we take time to celebrate, recognize, honor, appreciate – it reminds us that God is at work and it gives value to what we are doing.

When I was in Bible College, during our chapels, there was this one girl who used to shout out, “Go God!” No matter who was preaching, it seemed like no matter what the message was about – “Go God! Go God! Go God!” It actually got pretty annoying… lol.

BUT it’s true. “Go God.” It’s a great reminder. We should always be celebrating what God is doing.

It helps to realign, refocus us.

So look around. What is God doing?

Celebrate it. Have some fun.

Go God!