Digital Digest w.11.2018

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

The evidence is all around That the Spirit of the Lord is here. Evidence: Elevation Collective Evidence Elevation Worship Collective | 8 song album Our Central Staff team at Epic Church had the opportunity to be part of Inside Elevation conference this week at Elevation Church in North Carolina. God is moving in a powerful … Continue reading Digital Digest w.11.2018

Digital Digest w.10.2018

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Here's what I've been learning recently about growth and work. How to Give and Receive Feedback Giving and Receiving Feedback Craig Groeschel | 25 min podcast We receive feedback every day. All our lives, we’ve been graded, ranked, rated, scored, chosen, accepted, rejected, invited, and left out. How you handle that feedback, and how you … Continue reading Digital Digest w.10.2018

Digital Digest w.7.2018

We live in a broken world. Regardless of our tremendous technology, immense wealth, medicinal miracles, and extraordinary earth... ...we live in a world full of hurting, broken people in need of reconciliation with their heavenly father and fellow humans. This week we experienced yet another reminder. In these times, it's hard to put into words anything … Continue reading Digital Digest w.7.2018