I have been a Ted Dekker fan for a few years now; I loved reading the Circle Trilogy and stayed up late at night just to finish Three. Most of his books have been very interesting and thought provoking reads with unexpected twists and turns. However, I have found some of his more recent books to be a disappointment, not quite fulfilling the expectation that I have for his storytelling ability.

I just finished reading Kiss, a novel that Ted Dekker writes along with Erin Healy. It was definitely a page turner, and it reminded me why I loved reading so many of his other novels. It’s a story about a young woman named Shauna who wakes up from a coma and is unable to remember the past six months of her life. She discovers that she was in a tragic accident which caused serious injury to her beloved brother; an accident which everyone is saying was her fault. Not everything is adding up though, and she becomes suspicious, even to the point of feeling as though her life is in danger. Through some bizarre events, she begins to recreate what happened to her leading up to the accident. This propels her on a journey for truth, and eventually her own healing.

With a unique look at the pursuit of truth, Ted Dekker and Erin Healy created an exceptional novel that is definitely worth the read.

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