Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear.

Author: Max Lucado

Description: Lucado delivers 15 chapters filled with engaging stories, biblical scripture, and truthful insights. Not difficult to read, and each chapter could stand alone. Read it as a whole or skip to the chapters that you are dealing with right now. Includes an in-depth discussion guide at the end of the book for all of the chapters.

My thoughts: I normally do not read Max Lucado because of redundancy and overkill of stories and fluff. However this read was refreshing and relevant. I liked how the chapters could stand alone if read independently. The content from scripture was well linked and truths were easy to identify. I also felt like Lucado made it a point to make this book very applicable.


  • Fear Freezes.
  • The Villagers of Stiltsville – a great poem/story that deals with significance.
  • Deals with the current fears of the economy and financial stress.

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