The Butterfly Effect

Title: The Butterfly Effect: A Story of Second Chances

Author: Andy Andrews

My Description: Andrews dives into a history tale about courage, leadership, determination, and how one person’s actions have a rippling effect on others. In true Andrews fashion, he intrigues the reader with interesting detail and a compelling storyline – although this time all drawn from researchable history. His main point is that your life matters. What you do matters. How you act, the choices you make, and the people you do life with has a tremendous yet usually unknown impact on the world.

My thoughts: This book brings hope. It reminds the reader that they are important. In the American fast pace rat race, they are not simply commonplace. But their actions effect others, for good and bad. These results could change lives, could save lives, could alter the course of a nation’s history. This reminds me of my responsibility to live in a way that is honoring to God and to walk in wisdom.

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